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Tangled (2010)

12 Jan

Everyone had told me that Tangled was a cute movie that i should watch to pass time. In my opinion, the movie was very well directed and written but it lacked something. It lacked the connection that the movie and the audience needed to have. Since the movie was about a princess, not everyone gets to discover that his/her hair is magical and that he/she is a prince or princess.  The movie itself had heart but not the bond it needed with the audience. My favorite Disney movie happens to be Up because of it’s connection. Although no one gets a house to fly with balloons, the movie related to the audience with its characters. When Ellie learns that she can’t have children, it was the saddest moment in the movie because there were actual people who couldn’t have children even if they wanted to have one.

One thing that i loved about this Disney princess movie was that the “princess” was not weak and could save the “prince” and herself. That happens to be why Mulan is my favorite princess, she saves her country AND her man.

I’m one of those people who thinks that every movie should have a point or a lesson learned at the end and for me, this movie had none. In avatar the lesson was to protect the environment, In Meet the Robinson’s- the lesson was to look only in the past and not in the future or the past, In Toy Story 3- the lesson was that a there always is a goodbye but it isn’t forever.

If the movie had made a connection with the audience and had a lesson learned in the end, then Tagled would have been the perfect movie.