The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

4 Apr

This was actually my second time reading this book. The first time being in 5th grade as a short and condensed version and this time the full version. The book was actually completely different from what I remember reading in 5th grade. When I read it in 5th grade, all I remember reading was the love story between Tom and Becky. This time around the adventures between Tom and Huck left bigger impressions on me. Maybe at the time I read it in 5th grade, i was in love with love stories.

What I really loved about this book was that it really showed a boys childhood very well. Even at a age like Tom, he still has ups and downs. He even has troubles. It kind of reminded me of when I was a child and how innocent I was. To Tom, a career as a clown was very appealing but as the story progressed, Tom saw how stupid that was. By the end of the story, people expected Tom to become someone great like a general or a lawyer. Mark Twain depicted Tom Sawyer in a way that was unforgettable.

To me, the scene that left the biggest impression on me was when Joe, Tom, and Huck ran away from home just because they wanted to. They wanted to live a life Robin hood ad feed themselves without any parents telling what to do. What was interesting was that after a few days, they got homesick. It reinforced that they were kids and most kids are like that at a certain age.

I’m sure that when I read this book when i’m in my twenties or thirties, i’ll again have different thoughts.


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