The Scarlet Letter

9 Feb

Although I had read longer books in the past, for some reason, The Scarlet Letter for me took me a long time to read. And if it wasn’t for my dieing passion to be able to finish a book, I probably would have not even been past chapter 10 before giving up.

To me, it seemed that there wasn’t a very BIG plot but it was still very interesting. Since there was a lack of a plot, most of the story rested upon the thoughts of Hester Pryne on how she dealt with the letter A blazing on her bosom. I actually liked how the author was very, VERY descriptive about everything.

Even though Hester Pryne was considered the main character, I did not feel as bad for her as I gave more of my sympathy for Arthur Dimmesdale. Although Hester had the burden of carrying the letter A by her bosom, Dimmesdale’s was hidden within causing self destruction.

Pearl was not my favorite character but she was the most honest character being a child. My favorite scene in the novel was when Mr. Dimmesdale told everyone the truth and Pearl finally gave him a kiss, and  the 3 truly became a family.


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